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Join the Movement!! #wehiketoheal2019

“Women Everywhere Hike to Heal” or #wehiketoheal is both a movement and a dialogue. We want to harness the healing power of Nature and Mindfulness to unite and empower communities for inspiration and connection. Everything we need already exists; we just have to tap into it. We hike for ourselves, for our collective healing, and for our kick ass community of strong empowered women!

Sign up below to catch up on #wehiketoheal2018 and get on the list for #wehiketoheal2019

Once you sign up, make sure to visit the Participant Portal for access to the Resource Guide and some of our favorite mindfulness resources. 2019 hikes will be posted in February.... stay tuned! In the meantime sign up for some of our E-Courses or other Group Hikes!


You will need to create a login to access the portal, but it will only take you one second!


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